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Klas Markström

 Position:  Docent, Lektor 
   Telnr, Phone :    +46 (0)90 - 786 97 21 
   E-post, e-mail:    Klas.Markstrom(at)

My main field of interest is combinatorics, in particular graph theory, hypergraphs, and computational combinatorics. I have also worked on problems in linear algebra and matrix theory with connections to combinatorics and mathematical physics. I am a frequent user of swedish supercomputing resources like those at HPC2N.  

PhD students

  • Lan Anh Pham, PhD May 2019
  • Joel Larsson, PhD June 2018

Postdocs, current and former

  • Jakub Sliacan
  • Fei Song
  • Victor Falgas-Ravry
  • Allan Lo Now at University of Birmingham.
  • Demetres Christofides Now at University of Central Lancashire Cyprus.

Data files (Turan hypergraphs, covering designs and other combinatorial objects)




Institutionen för matematik och matematisk statistik
Umeå universitet

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